14 avril 2024

Interview DEEP WITHIN – 10.04.2024

Interview of DEEP WITHIN
10th April 2024
Answers by Matt Wiggins (vocals)
All photos sent by Matt Wiggins.


Can you give us a history and present the group in detail ? Tell us how it is created, how you met and why you chose DEEP WITHIN as your name ?

The band in its current lineup was established in 2020 with members Cody Hellion drums, Joe Hawkins guitar / composer, Jason Trevino bass, Matt Wiggins vocalist / writer. The band met through mutual musical acquaintances and discovered a likeminded drive and ambition to create something unique and memorable. This has become the Deep Within of today. The name was chosen as it speaks to how the music can get Deep Within one’s core spiritually, physically, psychologically. The name is open to interpretation, aside from one’s obvious sexual connotations.

photo 1 DEEP WITHIN 2024

Apart from music, what are your other activities on a personal and professional level for all 4 of you ?

Cody Hellion enjoys his time as a mechanic and has a hobby of building and spending time in his off-terrain vehicles testing the limits.

Joe Hawkins’number one passion is his music. When he is not on stage, he composes new music and gains inspiration for songs for our fans to enjoy.

Jason Trevino is a professional renowned tattoo artist. When he is not on stage, he enjoys spending time with his clients and bringing their recreative visions to life.

Matt Wiggins is a professional actor in Los Angeles. You can currently see Matt as William Merryfield in Elkhorn, a new original TV series premiering April 11, 2024, on the INSP Network. When Matt is not on set in front of the camera or under the stage lights, he is busy exploring new narratives for future Deep Within music.

photo 2 DEEP WITHIN 2024

Tell us how you came to work with the French label M&O Music ?

The band’s recent relationship with M & O Music was established through our stellar management team at Distilled Entertainment.

How would you describe your music? You have to choose just one track from your album that you would recommend listening to first and which best sums up your style and why ?

Prolific compositions; dangerous energy; and crushing vocals. Our style is much more complicated than one song, this is a difficult question to answer. Each of our songs are unique in and of themselves, however the songs incorporate the varying dynamics of our musical composition and vocal style. For instance, “Fractured”, is a great example demonstrating the intensity of our music while “Devils Den” demonstrates the more complex nature of the vocal range and musical styles. Deep Within’s songs are cohesive yet no two Deep Within Songs sound alike.

photo 3 DEEP WITHIN 2024

In the metal world there are fans who think that the cover art, lyrics or imagery of the band will bother them so they will choose to ignore the band without even listening to a song, what would you tell them to convince them or change their minds ?

Think outside of the traditional aspects of what you think metal is. Deep Within is so much more than the potential stereotypes that people may attribute to what a metal band should be. Outside of the artwork, lyrics or imagery, exists the potential for a new and exciting listening experience. Get outside of your preconceived notions and go Deep Within.

photo 4 DEEP WITHIN 2024

All 4 of you are made up with a different pattern, can you explain to us the reasons that pushed you to wear make-up? Tell us about the design of each and why these choices ?

The inspiration to wear make-up stems from the desire to expand upon the musical experience adding the exiting and memorable dynamic of a show. Deep Within is not only about the music, it’s also about the live experience. Our goal is that our fans take away the music and they experience a show that provides memories for a lifetime, one they would want to experience again and again and share with their friends.

The make-up designs are ever evolving and reflect each members state of mind and energy in that moment of time.

photo 5 DEEP WITHIN 2024

What can you tell us about the album visuals ?

Envision a diehard fan just after experiences the Deep Within Live Experience when the Deep Within Circus has come to town, it is a symbolism of belonging to the DW Tribe and being apart of something bigger than yourself.

You are going on tour soon and opening for GO AHEAD AND DIE. How did you get this opportunity ?

The opportunity to hit the road with Go Ahead and Die with Igor Amadeus and Max Cavalera, came about through our drive, ambition, and work ethic combined with the unique and exciting sound and imagery of Deep Within and our relationship with M & O Music.

photo 6 DEEP WITHIN 2024

This year, France will be in the spotlight because it is organizing the Olympic Games. First of all, are you interested in this ? When do you think and how do you see this? Are you planning to attend ?

Yes, the band is interested. We would love every opportunity to attend and find the potential to perform in some compacity while the Olympic Games are in France.

After your tour with GO AHEAD AND DIE, what are your plans in the coming months ? Do you think you will shoot a music video to further promote the album ?

Plans include the establishment and planning for additional tours in 2024, creating more content for fans in both lyric and practical music videos.

photo 7 DEEP WITHIN 2024

To conclude the interview, I'll give you the floor and please, if you want to add, clarify or convey a message, it's now !

WE, the band, appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about our music, where we are and where we are going. Additionally, we appreciate your support and sharing some of our story in hopes that other open and likeminded fans will embrace our cause and join the Deep Within Tribe. We also would like to thank all the current fans for their support and their dedication to elevating the band to next levels. We look forward to sharing our music through the live experience in Europe in the near future and hope to see you there.


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