18 avril 2018

M & O MUSIC : sorties en avril et mai 2018

REDSHIFT « Duality » - CD album
            Get ready to Rock Hard ! For fans of Guns'N Roses, Aerosmith, Foo fighters…

PARIADELUX « Topsy-Turvy » - CD album
            Pariadelux is the alliance of a punchy Heavy Rock with a catchy melodic sensitivity... On Fire!

OAKS « Les Matins Mauves » - Digipack album
            Oaks (Only Alan KnowS) is now back with a new album, "Les Matins Mauves" Elegant French touch, to be discovered soon ! The lyrics by Pierre Welsh are influenced by French singerssuch as Bashung or Gainsbourg, as well as by French poets,Verlaine or Apolinaire. The other influences of the band gofrom Bowie to ALT-J, with an element of French Touch.

MINGAWASH « Imposteur » - Digipack album
            MingaWash is a Belgian based band created in 2012, at the crossroads of various musical genres such as the French neo-Metal wave (Enhancer, Pleymo, Watcha), mixed with hectic rhythms and tribal percussions evoking Slipknot or System of a Down, all wrapped with a PRIMUS feel.

Y? « Second Birth » - Digipack album
            For fans of Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Shellac, The Ex, At The Drive In, Doppler, Drive Like Jehu, No Means No, Marvin, Electric Electric, Capsula, Chevreuil, Room 204, Papier Tigre, etc



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